Story of puro latino

After traveling extensively through South and Central America : Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador…

Marion, a young woman from Paris, who is passionate about dance, music (salsa, zumba, samba, cumbia), travel, and Latin American culture, decided to create a clothing brand with friends she met during her beautiful adventures : PURO LATINO

The idea is simple: to spread good vibes, and the special atmosphere unique to Latino countries.

All share the same philosophy: enjoy life!

No matter your nationality, your religion or the color of your skin, the fundamental thing is your state of mind!

In short, PURO LATINO is a brand for people who live with



vêtements latina
vetements latina carnaval mode

Values ​​of Puro Latino

In the interests of solidarity, and to share this positive energy, a portion of the profits* is put towards the creation of artistic projects, especially for young people who do not have the financial means to realize their dreams by themselves.

*5% of sales will be used to carry out community projects. For example, when you spend 40€ on our webstore 2€ will help to energize the movement

I am Puro Latino